Two Girls And Three Guys: On The Road

Joe, Brad, and Blaine wanted this week to be one of the best of their lives. They were taking a break from college for a little while, and they wanted some real adult entertainment. Obviously, this meant that they needed some escort/adult entertainment as well. They weren’t satisfied with a lot of what they’d gotten at school. They were interested in women who knew what they were doing.

They browsed through the ads for the escort girls for hours trying to decide who to hire. Finally, they settled on a couple of girls who they really believed would be able to make this the best week of their lives. They hired a curvaceous and sultry brunette named Angelica and a petite little blonde named Lucy. After setting things up with Angelica and Lucy, it was clear that these were two women who could truly handle all three of them.

Angelica and Lucy showed up before they were going to leave for the trip. At that point, the boys decided to delay the trip for a little while. The five of them got down for a huge orgy with the two women in the middle and all of them pleasuring each other on a level that these college kids could never imagine. They could only imagine what was in store for them for the rest of the trip.

Throughout the remainder of the journey, Angelica and Lucy spent different sessions pleasuring different boys. Joe, Brad, and Blaine all got to experience the many talents of these experienced and successful women. Of course, Angelica and Lucy were giving the girlfriend experience as well, to a certain extent. They three of them felt as if they were traveling with their extremely hot girlfriends everywhere and loved all the attention that they received from that.

On the final night, Angelica and Lucy treated the boys to two separate threesomes. In this case, Angelica and Lucy offered up every available orifice to their gentleman callers. The boys could try things that they’d only ever seen in porn before, and that made it even more exciting. Doing it in person managed to bring the entire evening to a whole new level. Angelica and Lucy left and they were thrilled, given how good the week had been for business. However, for Joe, Brad, and Blaine, the week had truly been priceless.

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